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Permitted development rights allow you to make certain changes to a residential building without the need for planning permission. The rights derive from a general planning permission granted by parliament as opposed the local authorities. The rights only apply to houses, they do not apply to flats, maisonettes or other buildings.

Planning permission is consent from the local planning authority to carry out development of land or buildings.

Although we cannot guarantee planning permission will be granted, typically a planning decision is made between 8-10 weeks from submittal, however this does depend on the application type and complexity of the project.

how long does planning permission take to be granted

what is planning permission

what is permitted development rights?


what are planning regulations and do I need them?

Building regulations are a set of standards for design and construction that apply to alterations of existing buildings and most new builds. Nearly all types of building work require building regulation approval including, extensions, loft conversions, structural alterations and openings, garage conversion, cavity wall insulation, installing a WC, underpinning to name a few.

what is building control for and is there a fee to pay

Building control is there to ensure that building work complies with building regulations. You would need to pay for submission of drawings and for site inspection. Each local authority has their own fees which can be found online. If you decide to use a private building control company, they will also have their own fees payable.

what is the neighbour consolation scheme

If you wish to build an extension over three meters and up to six meters if the house is terraced or semi-detached or over four meters and up to eight meters if detached then a larger home application needs to be submitted to the local authority who will then consult the adjoining neighbours to advise them of your development. If your neighbours raise any concerns or objections, the local authority will decide if they reveal any impact on the amenity of the neighbouring properties and whether your plans can go ahead.

what is a build over agreement 

A build over agreement is a seal of approval from the water authorities to for the proposed building works to be constructed over or near a sewer they own. A drawing detailing the construction over the pipe is required and a fee is payable direct to the authority.

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