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Surrey's Leading Architectural Firm

CGA Design & Build is your dedicated architectural design and build firm, situated in Banstead, Surrey. Our passion for architecture, depth of design knowledge, and construction expertise form the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering exceptional architecture. We provide a comprehensive range of services to meet residential and commercial needs across Surrey.

Our Services: Tailored Architectural Solutions

At CGA Design & Build, we offer a spectrum of architectural services designed to cater to both residential and commercial requirements, including:

➡ Residential planning applications

➡ Commercial planning applications

➡ Building regulation drawings

➡ Structural calculations

➡ 3D Images & renders

➡ Property Surveying

➡ Design & Build

Architectural Services: We cater to all aspects of your architectural demands, from residential planning to commercial planning applications, building regulation drawings, structural calculations, 3D pictures and renders, property surveying, and comprehensive design and build services.

➡ Conditions

➡ Agreements

➡ Notices

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Party Wall Surveying: Our expertise includes condition assessment, agreement establishment, and notice issuance, ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

➡ Residential projects

➡ Commercial projects

➡ Design & Build projects

➡ Site management, budget control and tender packages

Project Management: We excel in managing residential and commercial projects, including design and build projects. Our services encompass site management, budget control, and tender packages, ensuring smooth project execution.

➡ Land Acquisition

➡ Land Sourcing

➡ Land Development

Land Development: With a focus on land acquisition, sourcing, and development, we strategise for optimal land use and development potential.

Architectural Excellence

At CGA Design & Build, we pride ourselves on transforming concepts into tangible structures. Our focus spans from creating sanctuaries in residential spaces to crafting innovative designs for commercial establishments.

Architecture isn't just a profession for us; it's a passion that echoes through every blueprint, design, and construction endeavour we undertake.

Contact our Surrey Architecture Firm

Contact CGA Design & Build today to start planning your next architectural project in Surrey. Let's collaborate to create exceptional spaces that resonate with your vision.

Our comprehensive architectural services, project management proficiency, party wall surveying expertise, and land development strategies position us as the architectural firm of choice for Surrey. Experience architectural excellence with CGA Design & Build.


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